Wednesday, May 21, 2014

-ghazi, straight from the khazi

Following on from yesterday's thoughts on the death of Joe McCarthy, I fully endorse the Balloon Juice idea of dropping the stale, tired "-gate" suffix and using the fresh, wired suffix "-ghazi" to entitle every new bullshit political scandal that comes along. Referencing Benghazi over Watergate only underlines how relatively pissweak are the confected outrages of the right these days. Thus:

  • Battghazi - the failed attempt to pin deaths in the home insulation program on Kevin Rudd;
  • Blewittghazi - the failed attempt to pin AWU corruption on Julia Gillard;
  • Ashbyghazi - the failed attempt to pin sexual harassment charges on Peter Slipper.

Of course, the ICAC investigation of the $3000 bottle of Grange that eventually brought down Barry O'Farrell was not Barryghazi and deserved the inevitable Grangegate moniker, because it actually did stand up to scrutiny and scored a killing blow on its intended target. The -ghazi suffix should be reserved for pseudo-scandals that never go anywhere. Which is a specialty of the right these days.

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