Friday, May 2, 2014


The National Commission of Audit is a joke, a cartoon-level Young Liberal policy wishlist devised by a corporate loser and a rogue's gallery of superannuated Liberal hacks. It is a naked attempt to move the Overton window to the right by terrorising little old ladies, monotonous in its regularity in the first term of a conservative government and just as ineffectual. It makes the IPA's wishlist look coherent by comparison - at least the IPA are consistent in application of their narrow ideology.

As Gittins rightly points out, the hidden story here is how Abbott has boxed out the right wing of his party into meaningless make-work schemes, idly doodling their fantasy of a Putin-style dictatorship to implement a laissez-faire paradise, while the LNP gets on with the business of trying to convince a skeptical public that it is responsibly moving towards the centre. The right sees this bat-signal, and various factions are currently arguing amongst themselves about whether to join what they see as the Justice League, or defect to Solomon Grundy or whoever it is who heads up the LDP these days. Meanwhile, Clive "Call Me Lex" Palmer installs death rays inside his giant plastic dinosaur, and rubs his white-gloved hands with pantomime glee.

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  1. on a no change basis where nominal GDP does NOT get back to trend NET debt gets to 17.5% of GDP.

    wow what a debt crisis!