Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Short Kicks: Hockey kicking buttocks for Keynes

Another week where I'm hard at work on my other commitments, so only time for a short roundup. Not that I'm trying to compete with Homer!

- Joe Hockey wants the other G20 nations to engage in Keynesian stimulus so that he can implement austerity in Australia and not have it plunge the domestic economy into recession. We have benefited from China's stimulus during the latest resources boom, and Hockey can see the terrible effect it would have on the nation if it was scaled down at the same time as the high Australian dollar continues to cudgel manufacturing. This is a classic example of talking one's own book; then again, it's rare for a politician not to do so. Judith Sloan feigns ignorance of Hockey's motives, but she knows that Hockey is a Keynesian. The "age of responsibility" palaver from Hockey is a crock, he merely wants someone else to pay for his free lunch.

- Speaking of manufacturing, those blaming the carbon price or union demands for Alcoa's closure should read this, which details how the real reason is most likely cartel price manipulation.

- Mark Kenny points out that the WA Senate byelection would fall just after Hockey's first full budget, which is looking like a stinker. Fat chance of the Libs retaining those three Senators.

- I'm not the first person to say this, but how do you shoot someone in the buttock unless they are running away from you? Perhaps the Libs could take a leaf from the book of Turkey, which seems to know how to build refugee camps. (Yes, I know Manus Island was a Rudd initiative, but it's six months into this government already, at some point the Libs have to be responsible.)

- It was pointed out on Twitter that the last Liberal PM not to hold a royal commission into unions was John Gorton... so that's the last four. The previous one resulted in zero convictions. The witch hunting continues.

- Craig Thomson was found guilty of some of the charges against him, with sentencing due on March 18. I am tipping no jail time and a wet lettuce fine, as the pre-judgement comments by the judge regarding the flaws in the charges make the case ripe for appeal so there's not much that would stand up in a higher court. The question, as is so often the case in law, is whether Thomson will have enough money to pay for lawyers to achieve the correct decision.


  1. its completely different to what I do and I will put it in as a micro micro OZ version of around the traps

  2. Ahhh Craig Thompson, but I thought the case had cratered?? Read that somewhere...

    So now its no jail time and a small fine is it...and ripe for appeal...if he can afford it...perhaps he could steal some more money??

    Those flaws in the charges....GUILTY!

    Good to see you defend the thieves however, "the correct decision" and all, based on the flaws in the charges....GUILTY!

    "(Yes, I know Manus Island was a Rudd initiative, but it's six months into this government already, at some point the Libs have to be responsible.)" but blame the libs anyway, right :)

    Still the good news is 1000 people have not drowned, I know that makes you happy, I have read your post on wait...:)

    Still no boats as well, thats 8 weeks, not a bad effort, long way to go, all the same, Kudo's to Morrison et al. Great job. And no drownings..I know that makes you happy :)

    I had to laugh, what else are fools good for :)

  3. hmm no boats but more people in refugee camps.

    Wow that sounds like the Howard years. no boats but people mysteriously turning up at Refugee camps.

  4. as distinct from drowning you mean :)

    you must be really happy with the fact there have been no
    deaths at see nottrampis...right :)

  5. no drownings? what planet are you on?
    Of course there has been drownings.
    oh you mean no drownings in Australian designated waters?

  6. thats 9 weeks without any boat arrivals..

    isnt it great guys.

    Lives being saved.

  7. Ten weeks now. You beta boys must be desparate for a good old fashioned drowning

  8. 13 weeks now. It hurts doesn't it?