Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Steve Kates whistles, cats go feral

I am not going to make a habit of dissecting RMIT economist Steve Kates' posts at Catallaxy Files here at LD because he doesn't deserve the attention, but occasionally he surprises me by pushing the boundaries of brainlessness beyond what I thought he could get away with. Today's Kates post on the Ukraine situation which leads with the theory that the President of the USA hates America plumbs remarkable depths of idiocy.

It is also a signature example of a Cat OP cat-whistling hard and the strays coming a-gamboling with slobber drooling from their lolling maws. So far in the comments, there have been positive references to:
  • the theory that this is all a ploy to deliver Israel to the PLO, or something;
  • John Titor, the fake time traveller from 2036 whose predictions included the US being in a civil war right now that ends with three billion dead;
  • Aleksandr Dugin, whose theory published at National Review is that Vladimir Putin is the new Hitler complete with a love of mysticism and a belief that Atlantis was not only real but influences world events to this day;
  • Angelo Codevilla, a neo-Machiavellian super hawk who seems to be auditioning to be Kissinger Mk II in a Palin administration;
  • investment advice from troll JC on what commodities to go long on to take advantage of the situation;
  • a drive-by troll calling himself LABCR-TV who runs the line that Obama is actually a puppet of unnamed shadowy rich people;
  • CL saying the stupidest extremist thing he can think of and claiming it is God's honest truth, which he does constantly in every Cat thread.
When even self-labeled imperialist Mk50 is "bemused", things must be getting amazingly dumb. (I dislike the word "derpy", which some would use here - sounds too much like it's making fun of the disabled.)  I like the Cat best when it's getting maudlin and introspective, not this distasteful freak show. DrBeauGan makes me smile at the end of a defeatist rant about how we're all rooned already:
All we have is a bunch of old farts moaning about it.


  1. M0nty,

    Katsey is simply mad. He is a goofball as I have shown many a time
    As are the people who comment.

    Just remember out taxes are paying for this idiot

  2. I wonder if there are things that he submits that never show up on the blog because Sinclair puts his foot down. I could only imagine how insane those would be.

  3. You and Steve inspired me to write about this as well here.

  4. The lunatic arguing skanky Ho for 10 years, getting laughed off numerous blogs for being a moron calls other people idiots. You have a nerve Homer.

  5. JC,

    you simply prove it every time you attempt to write.

    I said he was MAD, barking mad and he is

  6. Poor old Monty. (Look, I've made a special effort to come all the way over here to be nice to you, because I feel sorry for you.)

    Anyway, you and your chum nottrampis seem very happy here, so I'll leave you to it. Isn't he the same one that contributes to Poor Steve's Blog as well? Or is he actually Steve in disguise?

  7. You aren't afraid to show your face while most about you remain anonymous, Philippa, and for that you have my respect.

    Your concern trolling is duly noted. :)

  8. Why would anyone login to post on your blog mOron?

  9. Ah, now I see why you're here suddenly.

    At least Aristogeiton has some sense of reality.

  10. Well Catallaxy has now made My Barking Mad Kates article one of the highest read in the last month.

    If they read Noah Smith's article then they may even learn something!

  11. My John Titor comment was obvious sarcasm in the face of a CT article, how could you not get that?

  12. "John Titor predicted world war next year and the death of 3 billion people, but a much more peaceful and communal society rises from the ashes"

    I see zero sarcasm in that post, Grumbles.